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EURIST e.V. developed the “African E-Bike

So far, there have only been few initiatives for sustainable mobility on the African continent. With the newly developed e-bike, there is a solution to many problems: an inexpensive e-bike that is adapted to regional conditions.

The African e-bike offers a wide range of uses. If you would like to support specific projects, you can choose from the options presented below:

E-Bike Ambulance

In rural Africa there is hardly any chance of reaching a medical facility in time in an emergency. Children and pregnant women are particularly at risk. That changes with the fast e-bike ambulance:

  • Patients call the clinic via mobile phone, which sends the ambulance off.
  • The ambulance takes the patient to the nearest clinic at speeds of up to 30km/h.
  • … and thus saves lives (especially of mothers, babies and children).

An e-bike ambulance costs € 875. It is used in rural clinics and is freely available to the people.
Your donation will be added up until the necessary amount to order one is reached.

Donate for an Ambulance E-Bike

E-Bike Taxi

Bicycle taxis are increasingly being replaced by motorcycles, which cause air pollution, noise and countless accidents. That changes with the inexpensive e-bike taxi:

  • Mobility is becoming more affordable for many people.
  • E-bike taxi drivers earn more money.
  • … and protect the environment without emitting CO².

An e-bike taxi costs € 750. It is given to an unemployed young man. The driver is supported by FABIO.
Your donation will be added up until the necessary amount to order one is reached.

Donate for a TAXI E-Bike

e-bike waste collector

Although much less waste is produced than in Europe, you see more and more rubbish, which contaminates soil and drinking water – you see piles of rubbish mainly in urban areas, but also around rural markets That changes with the powerful e-bike waste collector:

  • It is regularly used by schools, communities and NGOs.
  • It strengthens environmental awareness.
  • … and it is the first step towards a recycling economy.

An e-bike waste collector costs € 850. It is awarded to schools, communities and civil society organizations. Your donation will be added up until the necessary amount to order one is reached.

Donate for a waste collector e-bike

Water E-Bike

600 million people in Africa have no access to clean water because the transport routes to the next water point are very long. This is changing with the powerful water e-bike:

  • it quadruples the load
  • is 4 times as fast as walking
  • … and relieves especially the women, who are mostly responsible for fetching water.

A Water E-Bike costs € 775. It is given to women’s groups and thus used by many families. Your donation will be added up until the necessary amount to order one is reached.

Donate for a water transport e-bike

BEN Namibia

E-Bike Ambulances in Namibia
EBikes4Africa and BEN Namibia will build and deliver 30 solar-powered electric bike ambulances to villages in Namibia and Zambia to help thousands of rural women, men and children access healthcare in medical emergencies.
The challenge:
Namibian communities face enormous challenges in reaching health centres during emergencies, and the lack of transport contributes to many preventable deaths. The maternal mortality rate in Namibia is 20 times higher than in the UK, at 200 deaths per 100,000 live births. In many sub-Saharan African countries, the lack of transport to access healthcare is similarly pressing.
The solution:
We will deliver a fleet of electrically assisted bicycles and ambulance trailers designed for the thick sand and thorns of Namibia. They will be charged by solar-powered charging stations. Managed by local health facilities, the ambulances will provide emergency transport to areas where there was previously no access, saving many lives in childbirth and treating diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.
The long-term impact:
A fleet of bicycle ambulances distributed throughout Namibia and also to our Zambian partners has a catchment area of thousands of people. Assuming that each ambulance is making only two transports a day for 300 days a year, 18,000 people could be safely and comfortably transported to hospital for treatment.

Building the trailer

Transport of patients in Caprivi

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