Stories from using the African E-Bike in everyday life

Below please find 4 stories from beneficiaries who received an E-Bike during the roll-out in March. They describe the the way different versions of the AfricroozE changed their life and their income.

Bwambale Selevestor uses the AfricroozE in the delivery unit of hotel

Masaabi Charles uses the AfricroozE as a member of the Village Health Team

Nabirye Rose, a single mother, uses the AfricroozE for the delivery of
water, firewood, etc.

Kalange Sulaiman uses the AfricroozE for transporting people and goods

30. April 2022:

TV report from Uganda about the use as a bicycle cab.
Bicycle cab drivers and passengers report about their experiences with the Africrooze and compare it with other cabs in times of exploding gasoline prices (in English and partly in local language).
Enclosed also a visual

1.-6. September.22 Shift Mobility

Rumbi Ebbefeld and Jürgen Perschon reported live about the project on the Mainstage during SHIFT MOBILITY. In addition, we had a booth in the exhibition hall where we presented the AfricroozE during the event and established contact with mobility experts from all over the world.
SHIFT Mobility is a global platform – a festival of ideas and experiences beyond traditional trade shows that explains how the mobility of the future will change the way we think, live and move.

24. March 2022

Business Vision in Uganda reports about the Roll-Out as a “historic” moment

20. May 2021:

Interview by Bike Bild with Bjärne Mädel and his relationship with Africa

Listen here (only available in German)

05. May 2021:

After our visit to the German ambassador in Uganda, he supported our project on Twitter.

25. April 2021:

To collect donations, we have posted 2 specific projects on the “betterplace” platform. However, these are only displayed under “Search results” if they have at least been entered. 5 donations and have received 250,- €. Currently they can only be found via the links below. Please help to cross the critical threshold as quickly as possible.

Betterplace E-Waterbike

Betterplace E-Ambulance

we also continued with the homepage, which is now available in English and French. In addition, the news section, further documents for download, some questions and answers, etc. have been added.

Anka, who is doing a 1-year internship after her studies, travelled to Uganda – as described above – at the end of March to support the African E-Bike Project on site. To get to know the details, she worked on the project for 4 weeks in advance in our office in Hamburg.

24. April 2021:

At the beginning of April, FABIO and EURIST were able to discuss all the essential work steps and responsibilities up to the roll-out of the first 100 e-bikes in a workshop lasting several days with 30 participants in Jinja. Due to supply bottlenecks caused by corona, this will not take place until the end of September/beginning of October. At the project presentation to the German Ambassador in Uganda, we were able to gain the support of the Embassy, which posted the project on social media. Ambassador Matthias Schuer intends to be present at the roll out in Jinja. In addition, the company Bodawerk (Kampala, is one of our new partners and will cooperate with us in battery recycling in the future. Finally, the two Weltwärts volunteers Anka and Lars have started their work in Jinja with great motivation and support both the preparations on site and the communication between FABIO and EURIST.

8 February 2021:

Production of the first 80 African e-bikes has started. The shipment to Uganda is planned for early summer. Due to the donations received so far, it is likely that this first delivery will be increased by 10-20 bicycles.

3 February 2021:

All African e-bikes are given a uniform branding: name and design have been developed by our partners in Uganda with the aim of a particularly strong attention-getting effect.

25 January 2021:

We have been given a stand by the organiser VeloKonzept for the Velo trade fairs in Berlin (2/3 October) and Hamburg (25/26 September) and will be launching fundraising rides there – with the support of Bjarne Mädel and also by former Federal Minister of Transport Kurt Bodewig, both of whom are getting on the new original e-bike.

17 January 2021:

Bjarne Mädel presents the project during his interview on the “red sofa” on NDR television.

28 December 2020:

Together with our Zambian partner Onyx, we have submitted a project application for 300 African e-bikes for female dairy farmers in Zambia.

1 December 2020:

The African-Ebike website goes online.

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