The Challenge

The development of e-mobility to tackle the mobility problems in Africa is one of the central challenges of the upcoming years.

EURIST e.V. (NGO based in Hamburg and Kampala) – in close cooperation with FABIO Uganda (First African Bicycle Information Organisation) and EBIKES4AFRICA(Namibia) are convinced that affordable solar-powered e-bikes can be a sustainable solution for many people on the African continent. The African E-Bike was developed for this purpose. This way 11 of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations are attained, including:

Fighting poverty and hunger

In the commercial sector e-bikes can create jobs and income, for example by enabling vendors to sell their home-made goods at a market near-by or by using the e-bike as a taxi. This leads to economic growth and the independence of its users. This leads to economic growth and the independence of its users..


Gender equality and the empowerment of women

Via joint use of several households e-bikes multiply their positive effects for elderly people, women’s groups or farmers. Women in particular benefit from this as they do a large part of the families’ chores.


Sustainable mobility and climate protection

By combining the bicycle with solar technology, it becomes a zero-emission vehicle and thus supports sustainable mobility on the economically and demographically growing African continent.


Health and access to clean water

As an ambulance bike it helps to save lives – especially those of expectant mothers and their children, since two out of three births in Africa take place without medical help. It also ensures that even people living in remote villages have better access to clean water.


Our “African E-Bike”

For this purpose EURIST has developed an e-bike in close cooperation
with various partners. It aims to fulfill the specific “African” needs.

  • low price
  • robust components
  • high loading capacity of 100kg
  • appropriate speed of up to 30km/h
  • long range
  • a design similar to that of motorcycles, which our partners in African countries prefer

This allows the “African E- Bike” to overcome the bad image of bicycles as the “poor people’s car” and to promote bicycle culture on the continent.

All African E-Bikes will be branded as “AfricroozE”. This Name was chosen in Uganda. Uganda.

The Solar Service Station “E-HUB”

E-Hubs make renewable energy more accessible for entrepreneurs and communities with low to middle income. Shipping containers are modified and changed into solar service stations to provide communities with a more sustainable source of energy and affordable mobility. The concept features photovoltaic and battery storage systems designed to support entrepreneurial hubs that meet the electricity, mobility and other basic community needs without using fossil fuels.

The path to our “African E-Bike”

In 2020 the technological development of our e-bike was completed. In spring 2021, the bicycle manufacturer HERO, the biggest bicycle company worldwide, will start its production in India.
Delivery to the first users in Uganda is planned for June 2021. FABIO will receive 80 bikes for Uganda. These are equipped with GPS so that important information on usage is gained from day one and facilitates further enhancement. All other projects will benefit from this.


Bjarne Mädel

“African E-Bike” receives prominent support from actor Bjarne Mädel, also known as “Tatortreiniger” or from his last cinema success “25 km/h”. Bjarne, who himself lived in Nigeria for a time in his younger years, shows his connection to Africa both on stage in the play “Benefiz – Jeder rettet einen Afrikaner” and in private. In April 2019, he visited EURIST’s e-bike project in Uganda. Bjarne is EURIST’s e-bike ambassador, and his impressions are summarised in a short video directed by himself.

100% sustainable

E-bikes powered by green energy, especially solar energy, can become a pilar of sustainable mobility in both cities and countryside.

Najjiba Katesi

Executive Director FABIO (First African Bicycle Information Organisation)
Jinja, Uganda

Najjiba Katesi speaks about the objectives and work of FABIO

Kurt Bodewig

(former Federal Minister of Transport), born in 1955, is the political ambassador of our African E-Bike project.

Thanks to his many years of experience in a wide variety of committees on transport policy, he has been a reliable supporter of African E-Bike since its inception. Not only was he Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Housing from 2000 to 2002, but today he is actively involved in transport issues as President of the Deutsche Verkehrswacht e.V. and, since 2015, as an honorary professor at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in the field of transport logistics, especially transport policy and transport infrastructure.

Just how committed he is can be seen from the fact that, as a passionate cyclist, he has been supporting the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre with a team of cycling enthusiasts since 2002. Under the motto “We donate life – cyclists for bone marrow donation”, he supports this important cause.

“In African E-Bike, I see a transport and socially forward-looking project in an emerging continent. As an important instrument in the global implementation of the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, emission-free transport in dense cities as well as in rural areas will have to rely on affordable e-bikes in order to effectively reduce environmentally harmful emissions. An equally important concern for me is the solid technical construction combined with road safety standards, which should become a model on the African continent with its many traffic victims. I am therefore happy to be an ambassador for the fascinating African E-Bike project!”


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Your contribution is more than a donation – Why?

The purchase of an e-bike is subsidised by your contribution and thus financially accessible for the users.
The new owners pay between 20% and 50%. The share is determined by the local partner organisation depending on the income.
We offer you two ways to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility in Africa:

Note: Nevertheless, you can deduct your contribution as a “donation” for tax purposes. The statutes of EURIST e.V. guarantee that the money is used for a specific purpose. The use of the funds is regularly checked by the Hamburg-Nord tax office.

1. Bank transfer

Receiver: EURIST e.V.
Intended use: African E-Bike
Bank: SkatBank
IBAN: DE67830654080004263251

2. Credit card or Paypal

Simply use the donation button.
You will then be redirected to PayPal who will take care of the secure transfer of your donation to us:

Note: Nevertheless, you can deduct your contribution as a “donation” for tax purposes. The statutes of EURIST e.V. guarantee that the money is used for a specific purpose. The use of the funds is regularly checked by the Hamburg-Nord tax office.

Sponsoring member

Become a supporting member
As a supporting member of African E-Bike you support the development of sustainable mobility in Africa in the long term and effectively by paying a regular membership fee.
And that already from 25,- € per year.
We will inform you regularly about our activities via newsletter.

To become a member, simply fill in your name and email address here and we will contact you immediately with further details.

    Special thanks to our partners!

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